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We believe the drink you choose, tells the world exactly who you are and the content of your character. We craft our flavors based on the enjoyment of life, not from some corporate image of what we should do. Our history is not like the history you've known all your life. Cold Hammer Stills goes down as smoothly as it pours with a little venom from the night. We were born from a road that shines in the old moon light, with a taste made for the day and that day is tonight.

World's Easiest Martini

World's Easiest Martini
Pour any of our flavors into a shaker filled with ice. Shake, strain into a Martini glass and enjoy.

Chilled Shot's

Chilled Shots
Just chill a bottle of your favorite flavor and serve cold.
Widow Maker

Widow Maker

Drop a shot of 107 Proof Black Widow into a glass of Red Bull or other energy drink.
The 2 Flats

The 2 Flats

2oz - Gas Light Cinnamon
2oz - Chocolate Peanut Butter
1/2 Cream
Shake vigorously and strain into a 5oz bar glass. Garnish with whipped cream.
Cappuccino Dream

Cappuccino Dream

3.5oz - Chocolate Cappuccino
2oz - Milk
1oz - Vanilla Syrup
1/2oz - Caramel Syrup
2oz - Cream
Blend all ingredients with 2 scoops of ice. Pour into a poco grande glass.
Roadhouse Elvis

Roadhouse Elvis

1.5oz - Chocolate Peanut Butter
1.5oz - Banana Rum
1/2oz - Heavy Cream

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Justin Ross

Justin Ross

Fort Worth native Justin Ross’ music is a delectable hybrid of rock and pop that calls upon the strengths of both genres. His creative process coalesces into catchy music, full of hooks and with something to say to everybody. Accessible but original, Ross defies convention yet respects the roots of Texas music.

Ross writes music to help people feel free and be at home with themselves, because that’s what music does for him. “When I play music, it is the one thing that lets me be me and free.” He fills his songs with poignant emotional content and plenty of entertainment punch, providing music that is both fun and affecting.

Retrovisions Art
Retrovisions Logo

Larry Grossman has worked both "in-house" and freelance for studios such as Disney (on the film TRON), Warner Bros., and Dreamworks. Larry's work is also on display at such famed museums as the Petersen Automotive Museum, The Nat'l Hot Rod (NHRA) Museum, the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum, and the new Museum of Neon Art, all in L.A.

Strato Streak
Strato Streak Logo

"Strato Streak" is an international advisory platform for classic car enthusiast and companies interested in classic car events. The activities of Strato Streak include, design and communication solutions, coordination of complex restoration projects, advice for collectors and networking. This picture was taken by Daniela Tanzi for a Pin-up and classic car calendar by Strato Streak.

Miss Psycho Cat

Miss Psycho Cat

My name is Minja, also known as Miss Psycho Cat. I’m 27 years old, live in Belgrade, Serbia and I’m graduated, ethnologist and anthropologist. I’m someone who always loved to experiment with fashion, but there was no specific style that could "hold me in". But, from the first time I discovered and tried this that I am today, I feel in love. For me, this is not just about clothes, hair, and makeup. Of course, these are all very important parts of vintage/50’s/pin up look that I love and embrace on a daily basis, but above all, it’s a way of living and it’s my way to express femininity, sex appeal and confidence.

Drunk Aliens
Lightfarm Logo

Lightfarm Studios is a growing multinational company specializing in image/content creation for advertising, with studios in New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, and agent representation care of the prestigious Bernstein & Andriulli covering the USA, UK and China.

Paolo Santambrogio

Paolo Santambrogio

After high school he studied at the faculty of economic and social disciplines, while continuing his activity as a photographer in cooperation with many different magazines edited by major publishing houses. After leaving the university he decided to devote himself entirely to photography, and has been specializing in fashion, advertising and portraits. In recent years he has begun diversifying his career entering into the realm of moving images, directing music videos and short clips. Fashion and aesthetics are not ends in themselves, but are elements of a broader creative and narrative path.

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